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AI-Powered Malware Protection.

Next Generation Cybersecurity.

Protect your business data/applications from malicious software and viruses with the power of artificial intelligence. SecureAPlus keeps your applications secure by offering multiple layers of defence that is manageable from a centralised dashboard.

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The right combination of threat detection, control and insight.

SecureAPlus is used in tandem with various cloud antivirus scanners to protect and inform enterprises of all sizes without interfering with existing systems or employees processes.

100% Threat Protection

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Using a block-first and deny-by-default approach, SecureAPlus detects security threats that fall outside the typical 99% detection rate (what’s perceived as the best malware detector rate on the market). The approach by these traditional software solutions is to simply apply blanket rules to the threats they detect, (such as delete or quarantine), which can have unintended consequences.


Secure your business. Implement SecureAPlus.

Awards and Certifications


AVLab Product of the Year


CheckLab Advanced-in-the-Wild Malware Test


VB100 Certified


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