Automated Payroll. Easy As 1-2-3.

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Save time and minimise errors when drafting payrolls and payslips with REACH Digital HRM. Payrolls are automatically generated by our software, specified to your businesses' policies, so precious manpower hours can be focused on more crucial elements of your business.

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Simplify Monthly Payroll Processing.

Accurate and on-time payroll processing is one of the hallmarks of a well-oiled business, but often at times it is one of the most repetitive and draining tasks even for the most established HR departments.

REACH Automated Payroll is engineered to take this strain away, alleviating any possible risk of miscalculation or formatting errors that may occur via traditional payroll methods. With integration of CPF and IR8A, generating a monthly payslip is now only a few clicks away.

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A System Built for Modern HR.

REACH Payroll is a complete automated digital payroll solution for finance and HR teams looking to streamline and remove manual tasks in monthly payroll processing.

Automatic CPF Calculation

REACH Automated Payroll automatically calculates CPF contribution for both employees and employers, including CDAC, SINDA or MBMF amounts.

Foreign Worker Levy & SDL

Account for Foreign Worker Levies and SDL for Employment Pass and S-Pass employees. 

Account for Overtime

Calculate overtime pay with ease as the system automatically accounts for overtime pay based on each company's compensation structure.

Compliance Standards

All payrolls and payslips generated are held to each company's policies in strict adherence. 

Onboarding & Proration

Register new hires efficiently via a quick-to-entry and secure employee database. Proration of pay can also be taken to account when needed.

Mobile Accessibility

REACH is mobile ready, keeping employees connected to their payslip history on-demand, wherever they may need it.


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