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Enterprise Development Grant

Grow your business through innovation.

With up to 80% funding, the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is aimed towards making business solutions and expertise to be more accessible to Singapore businesses. At Affinite, not only do we guide your business through the EDG application process, but also help match credible and qualified solution providers to customers - giving your company the confidence it needs to flourish in an ever changing landscape. 

What does the EDG cover?

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The Enterprise Development Grant help's Singapore business develop strong business foundations and strategies to adapt, innovate and grow.

The grant covers a wide range of projects and solutions that is geared towards upgrading, innovating and even overseas ventures. These are categorised under 3 main pillars: Core Capabilities, Innovation and Productivity, and Market Access - each with a focus on different objectives and outcomes.


Business Foundations

Core Capabilities

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New Growth

Innovation & Productivity

Old Globe

Overseas Ventures

Market Access

How does Affinite help?

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Solutions Matching

With our extensive partner network of qualified and trusted business solutions providers, we help source and match our clients to solutions best suited for their needs. Rest assured, these services will be eligible for the respective EDG grants.

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Applications & Approval

Our consultants are Enterprise Singapore-recognised and will assist our clients throughout the application process. Leave the paperwork to us and watch as your business grows.


Evolve your business with Affinite.

Leverage on our extensive network of trusted and enterprise solutions providers to grow your business today. Support your company's development and enquire more about EDG grants with us.