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Affinite Solutions' Employee Benefits Packages

Caring for your employees for their dedication and commitment.

Show your staff that when they join your team, they are entering into a relationship of trust and care with a holistic group plan, build specially for SMEs, that gives your employees protection against unexpected health challenges and accidents, both on and off the job.

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Flexible, cost-effective but comprehensive - for your company's needs.

Our group insurance plans will take care of your employees' well-being and also those they love the most. With a company that provides this level of security as benefits, who wouldn't love their jobs?


Group Plans Overview

Group Term Life


Death and Total & Permanent Disability due to any cause, i.e illness or accident.

  1. Lump sum payable upon death

  2. First S$200,000 or full sum assured (whichever is lesser) payable in lump sum upon Total & Permanent Disability and the balance in three equal annual installments

  3. Advanced Payment Benefit

  4. Extended Benefit



Death, Total & Permanent Disability and Dismemberment resulting from Accidental injuries only.

  1. Lump sum payable upon death

  2. Lump sum benefit payable for any permanent disabilities and dismemberment set out in the Schedule of Indemnity

  3. Lump sum benefit payable for any dismemberment set out in the Schedule of Indemnity



Group Personal



Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred as a result of hospitalisation or a surgery due to an illness or an accident.

Further your company's medical coverage policies with add-ons to cover GP and even TCM consultation fees.

  1. Lump sum limit per disability
    excluding room, board and ICU charges


  2. Covers Outpatient Kidney Treatment and Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy (for cancer) on per annum basis

  3. Flexibility of choice of hospitals

  4. No Surgical Schedule of Fees

  5. Death Benefit



Group Basic Medical


Why consider our employee benefits plans?

Startup Development Team

Guaranteed Acceptance

Eligible employees will be covered immediately upon enrolment without having to undergo medical examination*.

Portfolio Pricing

Premiums are priced based on the entire portfolio within the plan. This means that claims made by individual companies will not cause their premiums to automatically increase at renewal.

Minimal Eligibility Requirement

You can activate our plans with as few as two employees in your team - ideal for small and dynamic companies.

A Protection Plan For Every Budget

Premium table shows you exactly how much you need to pay every year for both existing or new employees. This means that you can renew your plan without having to renegotiate on price.

24-Hours Worldwide Cover

Whether at work or on their day off, your employees are covered 24 hours, worldwide.

Reach us to find the best plans & coverage for your employees.

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Have more questions about our Group Plans?

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