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An Eclectic Mix of Thinkers, Doers,
and Achievers.

Hey there. We're Affinite, and this is how we'll be leading the next wave of digital revolution.

Our Philosophy

Creating better business solutions with technology integrated within to propel growth for organisations worldwide at the snap of a finger, regardless of their size.

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Our Story

Affinite began in the financial advisory industry, serving both individual and corporate clients. 


As Affinite's client portfolio expanded over two decades, her founder began to see bridgeable gaps in the operational processes of organisations, both big and small. 

Given the right tools and resources to level the playing ground, organisations would have greater access to the same opportunities, regardless of their size. 

Affinite is on a mission to propel growth for organisations worldwide in the digital age. Come join us on our journey to transform the digital economy, one pixel at a time.

Modus Operandi

To combat the problem of lean resources and tight finances, Affinite specialises in integrating technology into holistic, easy-to-adopt, and efficient digitalisation solutions to propel growth for organisations in the digital age.

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Augmenting Asia

Built upon strong Asian values with a Western outlook, Affinite seeks to augment Asia and connect her to the rest of the world, both digitally and physically.

We're putting businesses in Asia on the fast track to accessing the world, and vice versa.

A Team
Fuelled by Diversity

Individually, we bring different strengths to the table. Together, we ignite change.


Wilson Neo

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Yong Yang See Tho

Chief Operating Officer


Clement Ong

Assistant Director


Marcus Cheah

Chief Technical Officer


Afiq Ryan

Special Projects and
Digital Product Manager

photo_2022-12-15 12.19.40.jpg

Danish Hisham

Product Manager


Apurva Sheelam

Quality Analyst


Poh Hsiao Ying

Strategic Communications Manager


Kenneth Tan

Relationship Manager


Ong Mei Qi

Relationship Manager

Giving businesses equal access to opportunities regardless of their size.

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