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Simple, Efficient & Reliable HR Management

Modern digital HR management platform for modern digital businesses. Reach HRM is designed to integrate seamlessly with any HR workflows, better connecting employees with the company.

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Comprehensive. Accessible Anywhere. Always Secure.

 An all-in-one HR tool, featuring essential HR management programs that are easy to implement and streamlines HR processes for more efficient workforce planning.

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HR Management Tools

Automate payroll, generate payslips, calculate CPF, apply and manage leave applications, keep track of attendance, project managements and much more.

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24/7 Availability

Reach is accessible by both employee and employers via a web-based application. Log into REACH anywhere, from your phone, tablet or computer.

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Data Migration & Security

Safely import your HR data such as employee information onto Reach. All data stored is kept in encrypted servers and adheres to the strictest protection policies.

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Automated Payroll

Automatic CPF Calculation

REACH Automated Payroll automatically calculates CPF contribution for both employees and employers, including CDAC, SINDA or MBMF amounts.

Foreign Worker Levy & SDL

Account for Foreign Worker Levies and SDL for Employment Pass and S-Pass employees. 

Account for Overtime

Calculate overtime pay with ease as the system automatically accounts for overtime pay based on each company's compensation structure.

Onboarding & Proration

Register new hires efficiently via a quick-to-entry and secure employee database. Proration of pay can also be taken to account when needed.

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Get REACH Automated Payroll FREE for life* when taking on our Employee Benefits Packages.


Leave & Rostering

Beach Vacation
Apply, Approve or Decline - Anywhere.

Staff can apply for leave easily and managers are able to approve instantly under one centralised platform.

Automatic tracking with payroll

Leave days automatically accounted in monthly payroll within the system.

Roster Scheduling

Get informed on employee schedule and availability on demand.

Task List

Update work schedules and assign tasks and/or shifts instantly.


Claims Submission

Snap a photo of a bill or receipt and upload onto REACH for seamless submission.

Claims Reporting & History

Get informed of employee claim status and retain all claim history.

Multilevel Claims Approval Process

Acknowledge and approve claims at a click of a button for management staff.

Smartphone Integration

Submit and approve (for management level) claims from anywhere via smartphone access.

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Attendance History Overview

Get updated with employees attendance records.

Attendance Consolidation Summary

Summary of employee punctuality, overtime, allowances, deductions and exceptional cases.

Integration with Payroll

Sync with REACH payroll for accurate calculations for hourly rated employees.

GPS Enabled

Location reporting, if needed, can also be configured. 


Tailored to every business.

We understand that not one business runs the same as another. Do things your way - users are able to adapt REACH to their own business specific policies and HR arrangements, minimising any disruptions to current workflows.

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