End-to-end Visitor Management System

Manage everyday visits to your business premises easily with REACHpass. Automatically issue digital visitor passes, keep track visitor information and store them safely - end to end.

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PDPA-Compliant Digital Visitor Management System

REACHpass complies to the most updated and strictest Personal Data Protection standards to safeguard access to sensitive data. Build trust among customers whilst empowering everyday operations within your business.


Easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Scan a unique QR code

Upon onboarding, your company will receive a unique QR code for visitors to scan when entering the business premises.

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Step 2: Fill in visitor information

The QR code leads to a registration form that is required to be filled in by the visitor.

Step 3: Visitor Pass Automatically Sent

Once visitor information has been successfully and safely stored, the visitor will automatically receive an e-pass to their registered email address.

Visitor information will safely be stored in your company's account accessible only by authorisation and authentication by an assigned administrator.

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See how REACHpass streamlines your business

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