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Customer Engagements, Reimagined.

Establish lasting relationships, keep track of customer trends and create timely marketing initiatives that keeps your customers coming back for more.

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Key Features


AI Powered Automation, To Reach Out Directly To Customers.

Going beyond the capabilities of a conventional digital Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool, Salebuilder takes advantage of advanced AI and communication technologies to drive effective and direct customer engagements & promotions.

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Interactive Touchpoints

Striving towards producing the best possible customer experience is key to lasting and meaningful customer relations. Salebuilder provides simple, yet extremely intuitive customer touchpoints such as Near Field Communication (NFC) to make onboarding any walk-in customer a seamless experience.

How It Works

All-in-one customer engagement and remarketing solution


Make a sale

(i.e customer buys an item)


Customer onboards to Salebuilder


ClearCradle AI Automation

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Keep Customers Connected


Keep Track of Customer Engagements

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